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Matik Design

Blottered Backplates

Blottered Backplates

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-This VJ Kit contains 17 animated backplates for use in Resolume or any VJ software.

-Also included are some animated masks to assist in mixing and experimentation.

-All clips are 60fps .DXV Files, Looping and inbetween 10-20 seconds.

-The kit comes with a Resolume project file which contains some composition examples.

-The total file size of the pack is approx 15GB.

You can see a couple of composition examples here, here & here.

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  • Kang B

    I’m a return client, and plan to return again. Matik. kits arrive complete with everything you need for various social and music platforms, even those tedious Bandcamp backgrounds. His work gives you that professional, cutting-edge appearance that will grab a new listener's attention. So helpful and responsive, Jake even helped me with my logos when I had technical issues at home. Stellar service, mind-bending art.

  • MioWnize

    “Matik simply put delivers it all. The artist release kits provide everything needed for a release in perfect format for all the necessary platforms. Obtaining them is always a swift process, and all of the files being organized and easily accessible. Any times that I’ve had questions or requests he was not only quick to respond but always left me with more than what I’ve asked for. You can’t go wrong with getting one of these kits!

  • Patrick Skyler

    "Purchasing a Matik Design album kit will get you some incredible artwork for your next release... and they also have many templates for different social media interfaces.  I don't have to resize images and worry about blowing out the artwork.  It makes uploading the artwork easy and effortless.  I'm so happy with the artwork he did for my ep, "Utmost"... that I released in 2020.  With an amazing design from Matik your next project is gonna look professional and also dope af."