About Matik

Matik is a prolific and versatile multidisciplinary artist hailing from the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Emerging onto the downbeat electronic music scene as the producer Sun in Aquarius in the early 2000s, Matik quickly gained recognition for his innovative sound and captivating live performances, which earned him a coveted spot at festivals all around Australia, including the esteemed Rainbow Serpent and Earth Frequency.

In 2012, Matik expanded his horizons and embarked on a successful North American tour, supporting renowned artists such as Tipper, Opiuo, and Spoonbill along the way. As a long time fan of experimental music, he founded Enig'matik Records, an influential label that specializes in twisted sound design and has released many highly underrated producers over the years.

Aside from his musical endeavors, Matik is an accomplished 3D artist who creates surreal and dystopian landscapes that are inspired by sci-fi design aesthetics. His constant drive to explore new creation techniques and his insatiable curiosity have led him to work with producers all around the globe on record label art, having completed over 400 projects over the last decade.

Matik's art is a reflection of his boundless creativity and his relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Whether it is through his music or his visual art, Matik is always striving to create something new, innovative, and awe-inspiring.